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Chapter 5 DNA, Gene Expression, and Biotechnology Flashcards  Self Quiz
  1. DNA is a double macromolecule made of .
  2. Sequences of nucleotides called control cellular functions and make up an individual's genome.
  3. Much of the human are non-coding DNA that are not .
  4. Gene (exhibiting a phenotype) involves 2 steps:
    • Transcription involves copying genetic information on to a transcript.
    • Translation involves the production of from nucleotide sequences copied onto the transcript.
  5. A is a change in the DNA sequence that may affect proteins.
  6. Genetic technologies have introduced genetically organisms that provide new opportunities and risks.
  7. Mammals can be cloned by transfer.
  8. DNA makes use of several genetic technologies.
    • Short repeats provide genetic markers.
    • Gel separates DNA fragments.
    • DNA can identify individuals based on their DNA.
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