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Chapter 3 Cells Flashcards  Self Quiz
  1. Living organisms are made of , with or without a nucleus.
  2. The membrane that encloses all cells consists of a phospholipid in which proteins are embedded.
  3. The contains the hereditary material and serves as the genetic control center.
  4. The system forms a connected network of membranous organelles within the cell.
  5. The mitochondrion is the site of cellular , providing energy for the cell.
  6. The chloroplast is the site of in plants and algal cells.
  7. A central provides storage in plant cells.
  8. Plants have cell that function to support and protect the cell.
  9. The interior of the cell is supported by a network of protein fibers called the .
  10. Materials pass into and out of the cell passively through and .
  11. transport requires energy to move substances (against) concentration gradients.
  12. Large substances move into and out of the cell through endocytosis and exocytosis without crossing the membrane.
  13. The prokaryote-like organelles and were most likely acquired through .
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