Chapter 16 Self Quiz: Conservation and Biodiversity

  1. Monk parakeets can be found in
    1. Chicago (correct)
    2. Alaska (wrong)
    3. Antarctica (wrong)
    4. Siberia (wrong)
    5. Galapagos (wrong)
  2. Ozone depletion is dangerous because ozone
    1. cools the earth (wrong)
    2. absorbs harmful UV rays (correct)
    3. is an antioxidant (wrong)
    4. causes acid precipitation (wrong)
    5. is needed for cellular respiration (wrong)
  3. Which of the following can cause acid precipitation?
    1. CFCs (wrong)
    2. power plants (correct)
    3. a decrease in the ozone layer (wrong)
    4. clear-cutting forests (wrong)
    5. nuclear reactors (wrong)
  4. Acid precipitation can
    1. decrease the greenhouse effect (wrong)
    2. increase the greenhouse effect (wrong)
    3. increase the pH of ecosystems (wrong)
    4. lower the pH of ecosystems (correct)
    5. cause global warming (wrong)
  5. The greenhouse effect is caused by excess ________ in the atmosphere.
    1. nitrogen (wrong)
    2. CFC (wrong)
    3. ozone (wrong)
    4. carbon dioxide (correct)
    5. sulfur (wrong)

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