Chapter 14 Self Quiz: Population Ecology

  1. A group of organisms of the same species in one area comprise a(n)
    1. ecosystem (wrong)
    2. clade (wrong)
    3. population (correct)
    4. community (wrong)
    5. habitat (wrong)
  2. Factors that affect a population's exponential growth include
    1. mutation and evolution (wrong)
    2. mitosis and meiosis (wrong)
    3. evolution and adaptation (wrong)
    4. birth and death (correct)
    5. investment and withdrawal (wrong)
  3. Individuals of the same age groupings, such as 5-year bands in an age pyramid, are called ________ .
    1. comrades (wrong)
    2. conscripts (wrong)
    3. kin (wrong)
    4. waves (wrong)
    5. cohorts (correct)
  4. Developing countries have a ________ age pyramid due to ________ birth rates and ________ death rates of older individuals.
    1. triangular, high, high (correct)
    2. triangular, high, low (wrong)
    3. rectangular, low, high (wrong)
    4. rectangular, low, low (wrong)
    5. triangular, high, low (wrong)

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