Chapter 10 Self Quiz: The Origins and Diversification of Life on Earth

  1. To what order does the Zebra belong?
    1. Chordata (wrong)
    2. Animalia (wrong)
    3. Equidae (wrong)
    4. Mammalia (wrong)
    5. Perissodactyla (correct)
  2. Geographic separation of different populations of a species can result in
    1. partial adaptation (wrong)
    2. hybrid adaptation (wrong)
    3. hybrid speciation (wrong)
    4. allopatric speciation (correct)
    5. sympatric speciation (wrong)
  3. In this diagram, the most distant relative to birds is
    1. rat (wrong)
    2. mouse (wrong)
    3. human (wrong)
    4. fish (correct)
    5. both rat and mouse (wrong)
  4. Organisms in a clade must possess
    1. same species name (wrong)
    2. same phylum name (wrong)
    3. shared traits (correct)
    4. convergent traits (wrong)
    5. divergent traits (wrong)
  5. Which of the following compose a clade?
    1. birds, mammals (wrong)
    2. lizards, mammals (wrong)
    3. birds, crocodiles (correct)
    4. crocodiles, lizards (wrong)
    5. crocodiles, lizards, mammals (wrong)
  6. The wings of bats and insects
    1. are inherited from a common ancestor (wrong)
    2. are results of convergent evolution (correct)
    3. form a clade (wrong)
    4. have the same anatomical base (wrong)
    5. are vestigial structures (wrong)
  7. The common ancestor of all living organisms is rooted in domain
    1. Archaea (wrong)
    2. Bacteria (correct)
    3. Eukarya (wrong)
    4. Prokarya (wrong)
    5. Viruses (wrong)

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