Chapter 9 extras: Evolution and Behavior

"You can take the frog out of the pond, but you cannot take the pond out of the frog." - Candace Savage

Supplementary videos
Mandarin ducklings jump from tree: imprint on mom (BBC Planet Earth)
Giant Pacific Octopus altruistic behavior: she starves to death (27:35)
Australian Giant Cuttlefish cross-dressing "cuckold" sneakers (25:10)
Bullfrog dad shows parental care
Queen bee's wedding flight: phallus from drone is ripped out Peahen
Clark's Grebe: nuptial gift and courtship
Intersexual selection: Vogelkop Bowerbird seduction (BBC Life - Birds)
Katydid courtship female with spermatophore (nuptial gift)
Hermaphrodite leopard slugs mating in midair
Elephant seal beachmaster: size matters
Silkworm moths mating
Oxytocin: the "cuddle chemical"
Honey bee waggle dance
New Caledonian Crow uses meta-tool (PBS Nature "A Murder of Crows") 18:30-20:05
'007′ the Crow solves 8-step puzzle

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