Chapter 8 extras: Evolution and Natural Selection

"Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny." - Ernst Haeckel

Supplementary videos
Charles Darwin biography (Discovery Education)
Vampire Finch: annoying but resourceful
Darwin and the Galapagos Islands 11 frames
The extinct banana: dangers of genetic fixation
Collecting turkey semen: it's a dirty job (male cloaca and phallus)
Inseminating turkeys: they can't do it (female cloaca: oviduct and poop hole)
Caspian Terns cloacal kiss: how they do it
Darwin's pigeons: artificial selection
Monito del Monte: a South American marsupial
Archaeopteryx: the feathered dinosaur
Birds Lost Their Teeth over 100 Million Years Ago - genome data December 2014
Whales and hippos, oh my: show me the intermediate fossils (University of Nebraska State Museum)
Analogous bird beaks: convergent evolution between hummingbird and sunbird
Homologous structures: Hox gene in embryos (What Darwin Didn't Know)
Galapagos Finch Evolution: Peter and Rosemary Grant

Extra credit readings

Additional material

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