Chapter 8 Self Quiz: Evolution and Natural Selection

  1. Darwin hypothesized that the 14 Galapagos finches
    1. descended from a common ancestor (correct)
    2. are related to dinosaurs (wrong)
    3. resulted from artificial selection (wrong)
    4. flew over from South America at different times (wrong)
    5. will become extinct from over-hunting (wrong)
  2. Genetic ________ is a random change in allele frequencies of a population.
    1. deviation (wrong)
    2. flow (wrong)
    3. cycling (wrong)
    4. uncertainty (wrong)
    5. drift (correct)
  3. The movement of alleles between populations is called
    1. inbreeding (wrong)
    2. interbreeding (wrong)
    3. gene flow (correct)
    4. homozygous migration (wrong)
    5. heterozygous migration (wrong)
  4. Natural selection depends on the following conditions EXCEPT:
    1. variation (wrong)
    2. heritability (wrong)
    3. differential reproductive success (wrong)
    4. stable environments (correct)
  5. Commercial turkeys have been selected by ________ and require ________ to breed.
    1. mate selection, oral insemination (wrong)
    2. artificial selection, artificial insemination (correct)
    3. natural selection, artificial insemination (wrong)
    4. natural selection, natural insemination (wrong)
    5. artificial selection, natural insemination (wrong)
  6. Archaeopteryx provides preliminary evidence that modern birds evolved from ________ ancestors.
    1. bat (wrong)
    2. ray-finned fish (wrong)
    3. reptilian (correct)
    4. mammalian (wrong)
    5. amphibian (wrong)
  7. The wings of these animals are examples of
    1. homologous structures (wrong)
    2. dominant structures (wrong)
    3. recessive structures (wrong)
    4. analogous structures (correct)
    5. divergent evolution (wrong)
  8. Tails can be used ________ to establish common descent among vertebrates.
    1. in comparative embryology (correct)
    2. in the fossil record (wrong)
    3. as molecular clocks (wrong)
    4. by natural selection (wrong)
    5. as analogous structures (wrong)

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