Chapter 6 extras: Chromosomes and Cell Division

"In the first step of meiosis, you don't divide by two, you multiply by two." - David C. Page

Supplementary videos
DNA packaging: histones and nucleosomes (HHMI)
Evolution of human chromosome #2: why do humans have 46 chromosomes, other great apes have 48?
Seedless Watermelon: triploid Colchicine tricks!
Meiosis, crossing over, and the SRY gene: XX males and XY females (HHMI)
Everything You Never Knew About Sex 10:50 "Why do men have nipples?"
Cancer formation: abnormal cell division (HHMI)
Evolution of Y chromosome over 300 million years: are the X and Y really homologous? (HHMI)
Calico cat and X inactivation: random deactivation of an X chromosome
Link Between Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's Disease: chromosome 21 has 250 genes

Extra credit readings

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