Chapter 5 Self Quiz: DNA, Gene Expression, and Biotechnology

  1. The base pairing in DNA is:
    1. A pairs with T, G pairs with C (correct)
    2. A pairs with C, G pairs with T (wrong)
    3. A pairs with G, C pairs with T (wrong)
    4. T pairs with G, C pairs with A (wrong)
  2. The full set of DNA present in an organism is called its
    1. traits (wrong)
    2. phenotype (wrong)
    3. genotype (wrong)
    4. genes (wrong)
    5. genome (correct)
  3. The non-coding regions that occur within a gene are called
    1. transposons (wrong)
    2. anticodons (wrong)
    3. introns (correct)
    4. codons (wrong)
    5. exons (wrong)
  4. Transcription produces ________, while translation produces ________ .
    1. proteins, mRNA (wrong)
    2. DNA, mRNA (wrong)
    3. ribosomes, DNA (wrong)
    4. proteins, DNA (wrong)
    5. mRNA, proteins (correct)
  5. A DNA sequence of ACG will produce an RNA transcript with this sequence:
    1. UGC (correct)
    2. TGC (wrong)
    3. GCA (wrong)
    4. TUC (wrong)
    5. UAC (wrong)
  6. During translation, the attachment site on the ________ binds to a three-base codon on the ________ .
    1. mRNA, tRNA (wrong)
    2. tRNA, DNA (wrong)
    3. DNA, tRNA (wrong)
    4. mRNA, DNA (wrong)
    5. tRNA, mRNA (correct)
  7. Use the genetic code to find a codon on the mRNA that specifies the amino acid Lysine:
    1. AAA (correct)
    2. TTT (wrong)
    3. UUU (wrong)
    4. AAU (wrong)
    5. AUG (wrong)
  8. The molecule shown in this diagram is a(n)
    1. mRNA (wrong)
    2. ribosome (wrong)
    3. codon (wrong)
    4. intron (wrong)
    5. tRNA (correct)
  9. Which kind of event can lead to frame-shift mutations?
    1. deletion (correct)
    2. base substitution (wrong)
    3. translation (wrong)
    4. transcription (wrong)
    5. DNA fingerprint (wrong)
  10. Use the genetic code to find an insertion mutation that causes the amino acid change from ser (Serine) to glu (Glutamate).
    1. insert G before AGU to mutate to GAG (wrong)
    2. insert G before AGC to mutate to GAG (wrong)
    3. insert C before TCG to mutate to CTC (correct)
    4. insert C before AAA to mutate to CAA (wrong)
    5. insert G before AAA to mutate to GAA (wrong)
  11. Heating and cooling are part of the cycle used in
    1. making stem cells (wrong)
    2. PCR (correct)
    3. making restriction fragments (wrong)
    4. making recombinant DNA (wrong)
    5. gel electrophoresis (wrong)
  12. Recombinant DNA can be produced by
    1. DNA polymerase (wrong)
    2. restriction enzymes (correct)
    3. ribosomes (wrong)
    4. mRNA (wrong)
    5. helicase (wrong)
  13. Bt extracted from Bacillus thuringiensis has allowed GM plants to acquire which trait?
    1. pest resistance (correct)
    2. herbicide resistance (wrong)
    3. larger yields (wrong)
    4. cold tolerance (wrong)
    5. heat tolerance (wrong)
  14. Dolly the lamb was cloned using the technique called
    1. zygote shock (wrong)
    2. gel imprinting (wrong)
    3. blastocyst splitting (wrong)
    4. nuclear transfer (correct)
    5. restriction fragment cloning (wrong)
  15. DNA fingerprints can be used to
    1. identify individuals (correct)
    2. cut bacterial DNA (wrong)
    3. cut human DNA (wrong)
    4. seal STRs (wrong)
    5. clone an animal from stem cells (wrong)

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