Chapter 4 Self Quiz: Energy

  1. Objects that have the capacity to move but are not moving have ________ energy.
    1. potential (correct)
    2. heat (wrong)
    3. no (wrong)
    4. passive (wrong)
    5. kinetic (wrong)
  2. ________ is the main energy currency of the cell.
    1. ATP (correct)
    2. DNA (wrong)
    3. RNA (wrong)
    4. Cholesterol (wrong)
    5. Ribosome (wrong)
  3. In the energy flow from sunlight to cells through photosynthesis and cellular respiration, the potential energy is stored in ________ of molecules.
    1. ions (wrong)
    2. nuclei (wrong)
    3. neutrons (wrong)
    4. protons (wrong)
    5. covalent bonds (correct)
  4. Chlorophyll and carotenoids are
    1. forms of DNA (wrong)
    2. membranes (wrong)
    3. pigments (correct)
    4. organelles (wrong)
    5. carbohydrates (wrong)
  5. The reason the leaves of many trees turn orange and yellow in the fall is:
    1. frost causes chlorophyll to change color (wrong)
    2. chlorophyll and carotenoid pigments react with each other to form new colors (wrong)
    3. plants do not produce chlorophyll in cool weather so it no longer masks carotenoid pigments (correct)
    4. the chlorophyll pigments are converted to carotenoids (wrong)
    5. more chlorophyll is produced in the fall (wrong)
  6. In addition to energy from light, The inputs of photosynthesis are
    1. sugar and oxygen (wrong)
    2. carbon dioxide and water (correct)
    3. oxygen and water (wrong)
    4. water and sugar (wrong)
    5. heat and oxygen (wrong)
  7. ________ is split to release oxygen during photosynthesis.
    1. Carbon dioxide (wrong)
    2. ATP (wrong)
    3. Glucose (wrong)
    4. Oxygen (wrong)
    5. Water (correct)
  8. During photosynthesis, which are products of the "photo" reactions that are later used in the "synthesis" reactions?
    1. oxygen and carbon dioxide (wrong)
    2. ATP and NADPH (correct)
    3. water and oxygen (wrong)
    4. water and carbon dioxide (wrong)
    5. glucose and carbon dioxide (wrong)
  9. The Calvin Cycle of photosynthesis takes place in the
    1. stroma of chloroplasts (correct)
    2. thylakoid membranes of chloroplasts (wrong)
    3. vacuoles (wrong)
    4. mitochondria (wrong)
    5. nucleus (wrong)
  10. What are the outputs of cellular respiration?
    1. oxygen and ATP (wrong)
    2. CO2 and water (correct)
    3. oxygen and water (wrong)
    4. glucose and water (wrong)
    5. ATP and NADH (wrong)
  11. Cellular respiration involves all of the following EXCEPT:
    1. acetyl-coA (wrong)
    2. pyruvate (wrong)
    3. NADPH (correct)
    4. NADH (wrong)
    5. ATP (wrong)
  12. During cellular respiration, the 2-carbon molecule that enters the Krebs cycle is
    1. glucose (wrong)
    2. pyruvate (wrong)
    3. acetyl-coA (correct)
    4. NADH (wrong)
    5. ATP (wrong)
  13. Which kinds of macromolecules can enter the Krebs cycle?
    1. amino acids (wrong)
    2. nucleotides (wrong)
    3. sugars (wrong)
    4. fatty acids (wrong)
    5. all of the above (correct)

Copyleft Peter Chen